Whether you need help developing a more cohesive and high-selling menu, sustainable limited-time offers, or a new product platform – let MMI's highly qualified research and development team work for you. We offer strategic menu engineering to develop a tactical blueprint to maximize your menu’s profitability. And if new menu items are needed, the MMI team can develop innovative and exclusive proprietary recipes designed specifically for your operation and introduce them as limited time offers on the menu to test their performance with your clientele. Our experienced chefs can also work closely with your culinary team to customize a new product platform that aligns with your existing operational capabilities.

Ideation & Strategy

During our initial meeting with you, our objective is to discover your goals for your operation and create a game plan to help you achieve them. We will utilize consumer insights and market data to support our efforts in a way that will guarantee a positive outcome. From there, we determine how we can help – whether it’s strategic menu engineering, development of sustainable limited-time offers, or a new product platform. The culinary consulting experience our research and development team has is outstanding, and we’re ready to get to work for you.

Private Labeling

Allow MMI to manufacture your recipes under a private label for your company and/or restaurant, and you’ll see how we can easily maintain your level of excellence. With private labeling, we take your existing recipe and follow it step by step, matching it to your chef’s exacting specifications. Through this process, we’re able to create a consistent product every single time, even when mass production is required. Not only do we assure consistent quality with each batch, but we also guarantee complete confidentiality in the process.

Custom Products

To create the most innovative formulas, MMI's research and development team is constantly experimenting with cutting-edge ingredients and techniques. Put our experienced chefs to work with your culinary team to customize a new product platform that is in line with your existing capabilities.

Retail/Food Service

From handmade hummus, soups, casseroles, and dressings to improving the quality and consistency of the dishes your restaurant offers, MMI has delicious food for all.